David Yanez

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Almost Out of Grace Book Trailer shows that relationships can get out of control

View the new book trailer for Almost Out of Grace

Relationship, romance, love and friendships they define us. They build our lives. We spend a lifetime searching for that special someone. When we finally find them we try to build a life together. But things seem to always fall apart. You sit wondering why does this always happen to me? Almost Out of Grace will help you understand these questions and help fix your relationships. Read the leading relationship book in Christian couples lives today!

Have your ever felt that you let God down in the way you handled your dating or marriage relationship? How about that déjà vu feeling? That you’ve had the same (bad) experience before, but you can’t help repeating what you know doesn’t work. Emotions about our relationships are constantly shifting from highs to lows. If we know we are not in the right relationship, we still try to convince ourselves or our partner otherwise. Sometimes that convincing leads us away from God, Christian friends, family, and the church. Does this describe you? And if it does, do you ever wonder if all your rationalizations and poor choices have exceeded the limits of God’s patience with you—so that you are almost out of grace?

If so, I’ve written this book for you.