David Yanez

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

DYM Healing Service - The Faith Levels No Faith Little Faith Full of Faith Great Faith

You will go through all the faith levels in your life. Try to stay Full of Faith!

We seen God heal many all over the world and the USA. In Hawaii a woman with hunch back walked away healed. In Katy Texas an Arthritic bound woman for 38 years was healed completely. In Wisconsin a young man's face disfiguration was healed. In Los Angeles knees and backs were healed. Lets believe for your miracle!


"In all the ministries I operate in during the year, it's the Miracle & Healing Services that I feel most at home.  It's possibly the longest ministry format that I have operated in directly.  Since I was a young boy I knew that God called me to pray for the sick and oppressed for them to recover.  So when I grew up in healing services  and revival tents of Oral Roberts, R.W. Schambach and other great men of God it became a natural part of how I ministered.  My friends, I know that God called me as a Healing & Revival Evangelist. I believe God wants to heal you!"

Dr. David Yanez

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