David Yanez

Thursday, December 31, 2015

DYMRadio-Guests Charity Bradshaw

It has been said that Charity is the “straight-talk express” who shares “wisdom beyond her years”. What you will love most about her is her transparency. Charity shares with candor and clarity her personal failures as well as successes. Her laughable blunders will put you at ease, cause you to think and know that she stands shoulder to shoulder with you on your journey. She helps you sweep aside all of your possible excuses (that you are secretly tired of using anyway) and helps you see and believe that anyone, including you, is capable of doing great things no matter where you start.

Charity’s passion is to help you discover and live into your unique purpose, showing you how to make the most of what you have. Charity will help you see beyond your present circumstances and expand your vision to include all you feel called to do. She compels you to dig deep and discover your individual imprint and live closely connected to your value order. She guides you through the process of intentionally investing and withholding your personal resources of time, talent and treasure to live life with less stress, less pressure, less shame and the burden of feeling like somehow you just aren’t measuring up.

Charity writes and speaks to help you define and live by your value order, remove any self-imposed limitations that suppress your potential, and manage your resources to fuel your dreams.  www.charitybradshaw.com

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